Tuesday, January 3, 2017

5 years later

I could have waited for another couple of weeks to chew on it, maybe revamp the design, migrate to WordPress (hello 2017!), but then again, we shouldn't wait any longer, we shouldn't waste any stories. That's my resolution for this year: WE SHOULDN'T. So, while I'll either try to convince M to pay for my monthly Squarespace subscription or to learn to HTML the shit of this blog, here's the latest news: we have moved to Berlin. Word to the wise, be careful what you wish for, kids, because you just might get it (see my previous post). The rest is just geography.

As a token for your patience (not that I had too many readers checking out my blog recently), here's the both us, going all traditional and checking Christmas off list in Vienna. Yes, I peed at Schönbrunn and it felt grand.

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