Monday, January 30, 2017

Forever golden

You know all there’s to know about my human mom by now. But what you don’t know is who my real mother was. WAS. Today, she passed away and, suddenly, I’m an orphan, just like M. If it wouldn’t have been for her, I wouldn’t have brightened up my human mom’s life. I wouldn’t have had a head the size of a basketball.  

There’s no greater thing than swimming in the sea and that, the love for the water and the sand between my paws I got from her. Mom, I might not have visited as often as I should have (but I have M to blame for that), but you will be missed. I am you and you were me. May you swim in crashing foamy waves of heavenly blue ocean waters forever.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The best is yet to come

I flirted with the idea of starting a new parallel blog that would reminisce about my years without M. I would have called it The Best Years Are Yet To Come and I would have divided it in two chapters, The City Boy and The Rural Boy. I would have talked about all those late Bucharest outings and all the stuff that not even M is entirely aware of (like that time I met Maurice for the first time). I would have then written about moving back to M's hometown and how it feels like to sleep under the clear skies, to swim in the clear waters of the river that crossed the orchard. I might have even given an exact account of the puzzling way I got microchipped for the second time (M would have loved that!). However, I decided not to: the years that matter are the ones we spend together and not apart.

And with that being said, let's get this blog writing!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

5 years later

I could have waited for another couple of weeks to chew on it, maybe revamp the design, migrate to WordPress (hello 2017!), but then again, we shouldn't wait any longer, we shouldn't waste any stories. That's my resolution for this year: WE SHOULDN'T. So, while I'll either try to convince M to pay for my monthly Squarespace subscription or to learn to HTML the shit of this blog, here's the latest news: we have moved to Berlin. Word to the wise, be careful what you wish for, kids, because you just might get it (see my previous post). The rest is just geography.

As a token for your patience (not that I had too many readers checking out my blog recently), here's the both us, going all traditional and checking Christmas off list in Vienna. Yes, I peed at Schönbrunn and it felt grand.