Saturday, April 2, 2011

the piggest pig

You live in a flat, and then you move to Denmark and get a new place with a small little garden, and then you dream about the summer and the sun, the wireless floating around the backyard and your dog’s new playground.

I bet she did. But I have a broader perspective: I want a hotter summer and a bigger backyard. Although my broad perpespective stops short of wishing for a climate change (though I try not to recycle as often as I should), I aim instead for the multi-tasking-ball-field 50m left to our lego-sized garden.
First, I tried to snake my way out through the shrubs, but M acted quickly and found a new use for billy, the ikea bookcase. She planted it around the backyard, giving a new meaning to Danish design and a new obstacle for me to contemplate.

Not for too long though… since we, the Golden Retrievers, are well known for our intelligence (living proof that blondes and brains do go together).
Therefore, this morning I switched my stab-the-shrubs strategy to something more… elevated. I tried to jump over the fence, with the elegance and agility of a purebred stallion.
Said I tried, ‘cause M saw me just in time and took my Black Beauty ass back in the house.

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